Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale: Buy A Trained Dog From Our Family Ranch

Want a friendly and loving companion by your side? You should go for one of the Goldendoodles puppies for sale in the market. They are intelligent, friendly, playful and smart!

black goldendoodles for your family

About Our Mini Goldendoodle Breed

Life is golden with a doodle

A goldendoodle is the most adorable mix of a Poodle and Golden Retriever. It can be the loving and playful companion that you have been looking for all along. Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale: Get the perfect companion!

A great mix

Goldendoodles have the best qualities of both their parents- the Poodle and Golden Retriever. Poodles are intelligent and athletic, and Golden Retrievers are playful and lovable

Smart and Playful

Mini goldendoodle puppies
are very intelligent and athletic. If you are looking for a companion to play with, Goldendoodles are a perfect choice

They are Hypoallergenic

If you are allergic, then the Goldendoodle is for you. They not shed much and are great for those who have allergies

Friendly to everyone

Goldendoodles become fast friends with children and all other pets, including dogs of other breeds, cats

Goldendoodle Dog Breed For Adoption

A friend and a guide for your loving goldendoodle

We adopt, train and help to take care of the lovable Goldendoodles around us. We can help you find the perfect companion, train them as pets and service dogs, and even take care of your special friend when you go for a vacation

What Does Our Dog Breeding Family Ranch do?

At San Diego Goldendoodle, we try to help you find the perfect companion in a Goldendoodle. We also, adopt, train as well as provide a boarding facility for your friend


Our dog breeders have over 30 years of experience in working with dogs, training them as home pets as well as service dogs. Here are some tips to train your Goldendoodle.


We know that it can be difficult to leave your pet with someone else. Our 5-star accommodation facilities ensure your pet gets the best treatment, with hygiene, TV, AC and heating all taken care of

Getting a pet and companion can be one of the best decisions of one’s life. We understand that and know what you are looking for. We help to train and take care of Goldendoodles so that they become the smart and playful companions you are looking for

We also help you to take care of your pet should you need a place for them to stay when you are away. We ensure that your pet continues to get all the care and affection that it needs


We help to improve the health as well as the temperament of the dogs to make them the ideal pet and service companion. There may be a waitlist for adopting from us.

Service Dogs

Our Goldendoodles are trained and smart to fulfil all types of service dog requirements and responsibilities

Why Buy A Goldendoodles Puppy?

If you want a friendly and loving companion by your side, then Goldendoodles dog breeds are a perfect choice. They are a mix of Poodle and Golden Retriever, so with a Goldendoodle, you get the best of both worlds.

Goldendoodles are highly intelligent dogs, which makes them a great choice for service companions. They are also very friendly and bond easily with children as well as other pets. Since they do not shed as much as other dogs, you can worry less about allergies and having to clean up after them. Here is some free advice for the new Goldendoodle owner.

Available Goldendoodles Breed For Sale

Here are some of the loving standard Goldendoodles that we have available for adoption. They have all grown up in our loving and caring environment and are now looking for a similar home!


Fusco is a playful and gentle Goldendoodle puppy for sale. He loves going for long walks and playing fetch the ball


Oscar is a cute doodle that loves playing with other dogs and even children. He loves going to the park and playing for hours


Ruby is a lovable doodle with brown fur. She loves to play in the water, which makes her the ideal choice for those living near a pool or the beach


My kids had been pestering me for a pet dog, and with Goldendoodles, I knew I found the ideal one. Now Charlie is the cutest member of our family, and both the kids love having him around and playing with him
Kelly Smith
Copper has been the best pet we have had so far. It is friendly with our neighbour’s dogs too and playing with him in the park is an absolute delight. He is very intelligent and learns new tricks and commands very quickly
Emma Isabella

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