Goldendoodles are the best family dogs to keep as a pet, because of their quiet personality as they do not bark much at all. Goldendoodle can quickly get closer to family members, and also to unfamiliar faces due to their friendly nature.

But, they need a good haircut every 4 to 8 weeks to look neat and beautiful. These are some haircut styles to groom them best.

Best Styles of Goldendoodle haircuts

You can groom your doodles hairs by giving them a good haircut and style regularly after a month or two. By giving them a good haircut when they needed can prevent their hairs from getting matted and curly.

These are the few best haircuts for your doodles to look more attractive and cuter.

1. Goldendoodle Teddy bear Cut

Goldendoodle teddy bear cut is a trimmed style cut that looks great on doodles. This is also known as puppy cut because they look fluffy in this cut.

The teddy bear cut and puppy cut style give the Goldendoodle short hair with a clean trim all over the body, even the legs, sides, and feet of the dog, only the facial hairs are cut in a rounded shape. The strands of face, ear, and tail are to be cut in a different length to look more like a puppy.

2. Goldendoodle Lamb Cut

Goldendoodle can look stylish and cute in lamb cut too. Lamb cut is mostly seen on poodles, which looks stylish on them.

Goldendoodle lamb cut is more like a teddy bear cut but with such variations in it. In lamb cut, there are long hairs around the legs, ears, and on the head. And short hairs around the whole body.

It is also a funny cut because of the long hairs on legs, which will jump up and down as they run. But also, it is one of the stylish and stunning Goldendoodle haircuts.

3. Goldendoodle Lion Cut

The lion cut is basically to make the dog more familiar with the lion. Of all the Goldendoodle haircuts, it looks great in lion cut as well. You can have it by shaving the back of the body and legs to shorten the length as much as possible. The rest of the hair will remain the same, in the front half of the body is left as long as they are, then your Goldendoodle will look like the same as a lion bold and energetic.

4. Goldendoodle Mohawk Cut

Mohawk is a little crazy and an unusual cut. It is also called a hip style cut. If your doodle has such a bold personality, then you should go for it.

In mohawk cut, you leave the vertical line shape of hair on the head, which extends down till tail with various lengths. That cut will give your doodle a stylish, catchy, and prominent look, and nobody cannot help seeing it.

5. Goldendoodle Kennel Cut

Kennel cut is one of the most natural cuts because it can easily be maintained and clean your doodle very thoroughly. In Goldendoodle kennel cut, the hairs are trimmed and shaved to 1 inch fully from the body.

This haircut is suitable for summer and spring season as it makes your pups feel comfortable, relaxed, and fresh. This cut is also effortless to maintain by yourself to brush them quickly without making them cry for their curly and wavy hairs.

6. Goldendoodle Poodle Cut

The Goldendoodle poodle cut has very short hairs in length around the belly and face to 1 inch most probably, and left long hairs around the ears, legs, tail, and top of the head to 4 inches approximately.

This type of cut is also easy to maintain, and it will look great on your doodles and give them a more refreshing, smart, and mature personality.

It is important to trim and shave your doodles hair every 5 to 8 weeks because of their curly, wavy, and matted type of hairs. Otherwise, it will also be difficult for you to brush their hair without giving them pain. So, these are some best types and styles for Goldendoodle haircuts to make their look more elegant and smarter. You can maintain short hairstyles in a proper manner by easily clean and bathe your dog.