Do Goldendoodles like water? If you are keen on adopting this designer breed with a Golden Retriever and Poodle lineage, you will love their water-loving ways! They are always up for a swim and love nature. Adventurous fur parents like you will have a blast caring for Goldendoodles.

Exposing them to swimming and other water-related activities early in life can help develop their love for the water. They are eager to please and are, therefore, easy to train. Here are a few training and safety tips to make sure your Goldendoodle falls in love with swimming as much as you do.

Can Goldendoodles swim?

Yes! Most Goldendoodles naturally inherit the Golden Retriever and Poodle’s love for the water. They might need a little encouragement and confidence boost in the beginning. It’s crucial to consider that every pup has a unique personality, so their ability to swim and adapt in water can vary.

If you want your Goldendoodle to develop a deep love for the water, you must start water training them early. Once you do, they will take it as a regular part of their life.

Do Goldendoodles like water?

As a crossbreed, the Goldendoodles will find their natural love for water the majority of the time. Their parental lineages are known to be athletic swimmers and possess webbed feet. In the old days, both the Poodle and Golden Retriever were used to recover birds from the water and duck hunting.

While swimming and water play are embedded in the Goldendoodle’s DNA, you should not carelessly throw your pup in the pool and expect them to love it. Instead, help them adjust by gradually introducing them to water and curating activities that provide fun and excitement.

How to Introduce Water Play to Your Pup

Backyard Hose

Backyard Hose

To kickstart your pup’s love for the water, expose them to it in a gradual manner. You can start by having them run around the backyard while you spray water with a hose occasionally. It helps your Goldendoodle slowly get used to the sensation of water and get ready for when you take them for an actual swim.

Kidd-sized Pool

A kiddy pool is another enjoyable way to introduce water to your pooch. Do Goldendoodles like water? Yes, but only if you make it fun for them! This method lets you encourage them to play in a safe and controlled environment. You should opt for hard-shelled kiddie pools because your pup will outgrow plastic ones in no time!


If you don’t have ample space or utilities at home, you can take your pup to the beach and let them bask in the natural beauty of water. They do not have to dip into it—just a little walk around the beach would be enough for exposure. However, it would be best to get their tiny paws a little wet and use positive reinforcement like treats to urge them to explore the waves independently.

Safety equipment: are they necessary?

If you are ready to teach your Goldendoodle how to swim, having flotation devices around could help you secure their safety while training. There are expert-recommended items such as life vests and floaties that can be bought from your local pet store.

It’s ideal to buy flotation devices with handles, so they are easy to grab should your pup get in trouble. You may want to invest in other safety gear for your dog so that you can keep them protected from hazardous incidents in the water.


Do Goldendoodles like water? It is safe to assume that majority of these pups would form a deep bond with water, much like their Golden Retriever and Poodle lineage. However, before you introduce them to water activities, you can check on your vet to check whether your dog has specific conditions that make them unable to enjoy the water.