All dogs bark. It is a natural thing for them to do. It is their form of communication. But, when you noticed that your dog is developing a habit of barking at everything, this should be one of your concerns. You should identify first the reason why they bark excessively. Some reasons are:

  • To get your attention
  • Overly excited
  • Territorial
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fear
  • Lonely and bored

In this article, we will help you stop your Goldendoodle from excessive barking without hurting them.

Find a quiet space.

Create a quiet zone where they can feel safe and relaxed. Find a small space inside or outside your home, away from the gate or door to block their view on any distractions that can cause them to bark. You can set up their bed and try including a training treat to keep them busy.


Give your dog plenty of exercise. You can start your day by walking your dog in your neighborhood before you go to work. Goldendoodles are naturally energetic so it is important to provide them exercises physically and mentally throughout the day. This will also allow them to meet other people and dogs and be familiar with the environment.

A tired dog is actually happy. Go ahead and give them lots of activities to do.

Give them toys.

Because Goldendoodles have lots of energy, they always want to play with you. This is nearly impossible especially if you have work every day. The best solution is to give them age-appropriate toys like bones and chew toys. This will keep your dog busy and prevent them from barking until you have time to play with them.

Aside from giving them toys, you can also set up play dates for your dog with other dogs in your neighborhood. This will help them socialize with other people and dogs so they will not be afraid whenever they meet someone new.

Ignore them.

One of the most common reasons why your dog barks are they are seeking attention. No matter how you respond, be it positively or negatively, they don’t care. They just crave for your attention. When they start barking, turn your back and walk away from them. If your dog stops barking, give him treats to reward good behavior.

This training method requires a lot of patience and time. Be firm when disciplining your dog and do not lose your temper.

The bottom line is: keep your calm. Training your dog to stop him from excessively barking will require a lot of your time, effort, and attention. You will need lots of these if you want to prevent your Goldendoodle from developing this negative habit. Avoid shouting or hurting your dog. This might lead them to develop other bad behaviors like depression and anxiety.
We hope these tips help you in training your dog. This is also a great way to start a bond with your doodle. Do not forget to have fun in the process so you can give your dog a happy and healthy home.