Everyone knows that the Goldendoodles are intelligent creatures. They have to be trained though. They catch up with the training too easily and can be trained within weeks. Animals are imprinted onto their parents when they first see their parents. Dogs are not exceptions, but they can be trained to follow the owner. Before doing any training, be sure to know that you are the primary commander of the dog. If you are not, then you have to become that before starting to train your Goldendoodle.

The doorbell training for your dog comes in three parts. The dog first needs to identify and understand the doorbell, that the bell sounds, and it is used to open the doors. A lot of Goldendoodles are known to open the door by themselves. It will be handy to train them from the beginning to use the doorbell. Even if they are old, and if you moved to a new house, you can still train them.

1.  Identifying and touching the bell

This is the first step. You have to show the dog the bell, and allow the dog to touch it. Most dogs start with sniffing and touching with the nose, but the best practice can be touching with the paw. When the doorbell is not at the reach of the dog, many dog owners use a belt to hang on the handle with a bell. This allows the dog to hang onto the belt and jingle. If that’s not the case, then all your dog does is bark and bark.

So, show the bell and then ask your Goldendoodle to touch the bell, once the dog does it, reward the dog. Rewarding is the best way of adaptation to behavior. It is part of animal behavior that the animals hang onto the traits that reward them and so do the Goldendoodles.

2.  Ringing the bell

Ringing the bell

The second part comes with a command. Your dog needs to understand when you ask him or her to ring the bell. This is called association. The animal associates one action with another. Your dog will associate your command with the action of ringing the bell. This time, you have to use your command while standing next to the bell and pointing to the bell. The dog already knows that it is a bell, it now needs to know that it has to ring the bell at your command.

Again, rewards will work and will confirm the dog what does is right. Every time he gets the reward, he will reassure himself that what he did was the right thing or the rewarding thing.

3.  When to ring the bell

Remember that the Goldendoodles are far more intelligent and playful? Now that they know the doorbell is there and how to ring it, they will tempt to ring it whenever they want. You need to train them that they can only ring the bell when they have to go out.

Once again, use the reward system to train the dog to do it only when needed. Goldendoodles are good at learning. They should learn this in a month’s time. Well, if you have trained your dog, then you are a happy owner then.