A Goldendoodle is a loving and intelligent breed of dogs. It is very popular with dog lovers around the world. But does it possess all the qualities you want in your perfect family dog? We will try to find the answer here.

Goldendoodles made their debut in the world in 1969. They gained mass popularity in the 1990s. They are a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. This makes them a hybrid or a designer breed. To know if they are the perfect family dog, we have to objectively examine all their character traits, this includes the good and not so good ones. Only then we can decide if Goldendoodles are the perfect furry companion for your family. So, let’s get started.

Why Goldendoodles can be your perfect family dogs?

We will first look at the positive aspects of a Goldendoodle for being a perfect family dog.


Goldendoodles are highly intelligent. They are among the top five most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Being intelligent, they are a pleasure to train and learn things easily and quickly.

Friendly and affectionate:

Goldendoodles have a cheerful personality and they love to socialize. They get along very well with all members of the family, including the children. They will be good around other pets in your house that includes dogs, cats, etc.

Less shedding:

Goldendoodles don’t shed much hair. They are genetically predisposed to not shed. Your house will be clean and if you are prone to allergies then this could be a boon for you.

Playful and loving:

A Goldendoodle is overall, a good-natured and loving creature. It loves to play around with people, kids, and other animals. It seldom shows aggression and is usually laid-back and well-behaved. It will not cause a ruckus when you are having a party and entertaining guests.

A Few Reasons Why Goldendoodles May Not Be As Good As Other Family Dogs:

With such great personality traits, what is there not to like in a Goldendoodle? Well, some characteristics are not bad per se but you need to mindful of them in case you want to have it as a family pet.

The requirement for exercise:

A Goldendoodle is a bundle of energy. This energy needs an outlet. You will have to devote at least 30 minutes of your time daily to your Goldendoodle for his exercise and physical activity. If you cannot give your pup this much time then consider any other dog breed.

Overly friendly:

We mentioned that Goldendoodle is a very friendly dog but sometimes it can get overly friendly. It will greet every person and would love to be around them. This can annoy some people. It may also run over little kids while playing or cuddling with them.

Not a watchdog:

A Goldendoodle is not a watchdog. It is friendly to anyone and everyone. If you want him to watch over strangers then this is not going to happen.


All Goldendoodles need to brush daily and their coat clipped in a short form to keep mats from forming. Now, this seems like a regular thing for any dog. But unless you learn to do it yourself you will have to pay for it when you hire a professional to do it.

Chewy puppies:

Goldendoodle puppies love to nip and chew everything in their small mouths. This will include your fingers and toenails among others. You will have to give them chewy toys and other stuff to keep them busy.


Being a hybrid, you expect it to carry the best of its lineage. But this doesn’t always happen. What if it carries the undesirable traits of both its parent species? You will have to be careful to buy your pup only from a reputable breeder.


Usually, they are considered a safe bet with people allergic to dog hairs because they shed less hair. But this is slightly misleading. Dog hair in itself does not cause allergy. It’s the dander in their saliva and the dead skin cells to which the hair is attached that cause allergy. So, people with severe allergic reactions will have trouble with Goldendoodles too.

There is not a perfect specie of dogs. But with proper training, regular exercise, and a little bit of grooming, a Goldendoodle can be your perfect family companion.