Goldendoodles are great companion dogs, even for people who are allergic to pets. Although no dogs are entirely hypoallergenic, Goldendoodles are still considered hypoallergenic dogs. They are less likely to induce allergic reactions to people as they have zero to minimal shedding. Having allergy attacks is not easy, so here are seven (7) tips for Goldendoodle owners with allergies to minimize allergic reactions.

Check Your Goldendoodle’s Lineage

Checking your Goldendoodle’s lineage is the most critical element that you must consider if you have allergies, even before owning one. It is because Goldendoodles also belong to a Golden Retriever pedigree, which mostly sheds lavishly. On the other hand, Poodles don’t shed much. Thus, ensuring that your Goldendoodle shares prominent Poodle genetics will be your best choice. If you are opting to adopt your very first Goldendoodle, you may visit Sandiego Goldendoodles.

Groom Your Goldendoodles Regularly

One of the most common tips for minimizing allergies caused by your Goldendoodles is to groom them regularly. Proper hygiene such as brushing them often and periodically bathing them are the keys to limiting any dander, allergens from any pet’s skin flakes. Use shampoos and natural oils that control shedding for additional care and maintenance. These routines not only make you and your dog clean and healthy but also create a quality bonding experience.

Stabilize Your Mutt’s Personal Space

Maintaining your Goldendoodle’s personal space is essential to minimize your allergic reactions. Most owners place their dogs outside of the house to limit their amount of time they stay indoors. However, if you prefer your dogs to stay with you inside the house, create their space to sleep and relax.

Change Your Dog’s Bedding Frequently

Aside from preserving a personal space for your dog, one more thing that you can do to limit your allergies is changing your dog’s bedding frequently. Make it a routine to switch your Goldendoodle’s sheets and blankets from time to time. As soon as you see furs on it, even only a few, clean and change it right away. It is to avoid dander build-up in the long run.

Invest in Air Purifiers

Another tip for Goldendoodle owners with allergies is to invest in air purifiers at home. Most pet owners make sure of having air purifiers or filters at home to get rid of pet hair or dander and significantly reduce its spread on the air. Additionally, air purifiers are beneficial for eliminating dog smells and unseen or hard to reach furs.


Clean Your Homes Habitually

Establish housekeeping schedules to preserve the cleanliness of your environment. It is the most crucial role when you own pets like Goldendoodles. Their furs, urine, and saliva may stimulate your allergies at any time.

Routinely Take Your Goldendoodles to a Professional Groomer

If you are not comfortable with personally grooming your Goldendoodles, then better take them to any local professional grooming salons. It is vital in keeping your dogs clean and healthy. A trip to a salon is also a way to trim their hairs and nails properly.