Setting yourself and your Goldendoodle up to succeed from the beginning will make training a lot easier and faster. The fact that you have just welcomed a puppy into your home means that you will have to start from the beginning with your training. Before bringing the dog home, discuss a few crucial points with your family members. Are you going to crate the dog for bedtime, for example? If so, how will the cage be kept, and what are the crate training rules? It is critical to plan and talk about your expectations with your family so that everyone knows what to expect. Whenever it comes to teaching your new Goldendoodle, consistency is crucial. Here are five basic commands to train your Goldendoodle pup to ensure that everyone has a fun time:


Sitting on command is an important life skill for your Doodle to learn. It has the potential to save your dog’s life and the lives of other canines and people. Many dog owners prefer that their dog sits before crossing the street or sit and wait at the property’s edge. It will help if you reward your Goldendoodle with a goodie. Work with your dog gently and communicate your expectations.


To interact with their pet, many trainers utilize a combination of words and hand signals. This will come in handy if you plan to socialize your pup at a community dog park or other crowded places. When you are out, use a flat stop-sign palm for the stop command to prevent shrieking at the top of your lungs.

Come or stay here

It may appear that patting your legs will automatically bring your Doodle bounding over. The opposite can happen when your dog is concentrated on something, such as the neighbor’s cat. When you are at the beach, camping, or walking thru a parking lot together, having a solid tone and word which directly translates to “report back to me promptly” will aid you to trust your dog. Your Goldendoodle must recognize that you will be the leader and that anything you say is final. When a dog approaches little children or accidentally intimidates other dogs, even a sound dog can be frightening.

Mine, Leave It/ Drop It

Mine Leave It/ Drop It

Mine, Leave or Drop It is a term that comes in handy if you want to be the fetch champion in your community. You will have a lot more fun with balls, sticks, and stuffies if you do not have to wrestle them away from drooly jowls. Teaching your Goldendoodle to leave their toys at your foot after recovering them will increase your overall satisfaction while making your pup happy that you were pleased with them.


A pointing finger is often used in conjunction with this one-word order. It is beneficial to acquaint your Goldendoodle with a secure location where it can withdraw or patiently await additional instructions. Sending the dog to his bed or mat when you come in from outdoors, for example, can save you much time washing the floor & dealing with mud paw prints.

Consistency is crucial, as it always is. Decide on the commands you will use and stick to them. Consult your family members to avoid confusing the dog with different motions or phrases. If everyone can use the same training methods, your dog will know what is expected of it so much sooner.


When training your dog, it is critical to praise and reward excellent behavior. Your dog may not realize what he is receiving a treat for if there is a delay between when excellent behavior is displayed and when the treat or praises is given. Training the commands above will allow him to work and earn your approval.