A Goldendoodle’s size is somewhere between that of its golden retriever parent and poodle parent. These beautiful dogs look cuter in different sizes. But the most important thing is how we can pick a suitably sized dog for us.

As we know that this wildly famous hybrid breed is a result of crossing Golden Retrievers with Poodles. Like many other hybrid breeds, golden doodles are also present in different coatings and sizes. This appearance versatility provides more choices for a dog keeper to choose the dog with a comfortable height and coat. Therefore, we are going to do some essential and informative discussion about the Goldendoodle size.

How to Measure Goldendoodle size:

Before we move on with the discussion about Goldendoodle size, I will like to add the method of measuring the dog. When we talk about size, we mean the height and weight of the dog. The way of measuring height is to measure the dog from ground to shoulder in a standing position. The weight of the dog is measured as the normal body weight measurement i.e., by standing dog on a weight machine.

3 Goldendoodle Sizes

There are many special features to tell about this gorgeous dog breed. One of them is height. Golden doodles are classified into three sizes. You can prefer to select your dog with a size with which you are compatible. These three sizes are:

  1. Standard Goldendoodle
  2. Miniature Goldendoodle
  3. Petite/Toy Goldendoodle

Let’s take a look at each of their size, weight, and height:

Standard Golden doodle

Goldendoodles are ultimate in coat, personality traits, intelligence, and size. When a golden retriever is mated with a standard size poodle, the resulting puppies are standard sized. These dogs are 22 inches higher when grown completely. This measurement is from the ground to the shoulder. The weight of males varies from the weight of the female. Male weighs from 55 kg to 70 kg. Whereas, a fully grown female can weigh from 50 kg to 60 kg. Keep in mind that standard size is the largest Goldendoodle size.

Besides being large, standard Goldendoodle are extremely good buddies and are also efficient in security. Therefore, people who like large but polite dogs should go for this size.

Miniature Goldendoodles

Sometimes dog owners want a cute dog in a medium-size, the dog that may not need a spacious living place and heavy meals. Miniature Goldendoodle is the perfect choice for them.

This is the medium size in the list of Goldendoodles. These medium fellows are 16 to 20 inches high from ground to shoulder in height. Moreover, the weight of males and females is almost the same when fully grown. They weight between 35 kg to 50 kg.

These are the best dogs for the people living in large houses with fenced yards, as well as the people living in lodges or townhomes.

Petite/Toy Goldendoodles

Petite/toy Goldendoodles, as the name suggests, are small cute furry animals that are best for those who want a smaller and adorable pet. Their weight is around 20-35 pounds, and they are 15 inches in height.

Goldendoodle is gaining popularity day by day. Lets’ go through some of the features of Goldendoodle besides size.

Light shedding:

One of the reasons for their popularity is their light shedding which comes from their poodle parent. Light shedding makes them preferable for those with allergies. This fact is life-changing for those who were not able to enjoy their dogs before and now their Goldendoodle can be a fully integrated part of their family.

Coat variations:

Who doesn’t like it when something comes in a wide variety. Right! Likewise, our favorite Goldendoodle comes in a variety of coat textures and features. The texture of the coat can be curly, wavy, smooth faces, straight, or improper flat coats. A variety of colors includes red, apricot, amber, sandy brown, chalk-white, black, brindle, parti, sable, silver, and chocolate.

Goldendoodle Trainability:

Goldendoodles are very intelligent and hence, easy to train. They are often recommended for timid or first-time pet owners. Moreover, training will be a breeze if your Goldendoodle is a people pleaser.

Determine your needs:

Though you might feel tempted to get your Goldendoodle at once, there are certain things you may want to mend in advance such as broken fence boards, sinkholes, or areas easy for digging.

Goldendoodle comes in various sizes. We have discussed some surprising facts about the size of Goldendoodles that will be helpful for you if you are considering buying one.