Did you just get a new Goldendoodle? If you did, chances are that you’re facing a common dilemma among puppy owners: to sign them up for Goldendoodle training or not. You might be wondering if it’s worth your money, or if it even works. At Sandiego Goldendoodle, we believe that all dogs should go through some type of training.

Whether you want your dog to learn how to sit, stay, or rollover, or maybe you just want them to be at their best behavior in public, Goldendoodle training can turn your puppy into a lovable, sociable, and confident dog.

How long does Goldendoodle training last?

The standard obedience course usually takes six weeks to complete. Goldendoodle training is typically divided into several classes for puppies, older dogs, etc, and can branch out to different skill types focusing on things like socialization, potty training, and basic commands.

For younger puppies, their training is focused on socialization and getting used to new environments. For older dogs, their obedience classes might focus on behavior and learning commands like sit, leave it, and come. Older dogs also get to experience leash walking training.

What are the benefits of Goldendoodle training?

Goldendoodle puppy obedience training classes aren’t just about teaching a puppy to sit or stay. While basic commands are included in the curriculum, obedience training is mostly concerned with socializing your dog with other people and animals. Below are some of the benefits of Goldendoodle training:

It keeps your dog safe

As a dog owner, your Goldendoodle’s safety should be of paramount importance. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your dog listens to your commands as it grows older. Obedience training can prevent potentially dangerous conflict with other dogs and animals. It can also train your dog not to freak out whenever he gets into new situations. By taking your dog to an obedience school, you are shielding him from harming himself when, for example, he encounters a busy road or is left alone at home.

It will save you costs

Goldendoodle training will help teach your pet to know the difference between acceptable and prohibited behavior inside your home. Your puppy will learn to behave, and ultimately, it will save you a great sum of money on home repairs. Your dog won’t end up chewing through furniture or relieving himself wherever he wants.

It’s easier to take your dog out in public

We’ve all seen how some dogs seem to be walking their owners, and not the other way around. We’ve also seen dogs resist being taken on a walk. Dog obedience training can build their confidence around others while being in public so that your Goldendoodle won’t be scared when he’s in a new environment.

It makes visits to the vet easier

Veterinarians can’t work on a violent dog. It’s your responsibility as a pet owner to desensitize your dog from being touched by the vet. Otherwise, your dog risks developing overgrown nails, dental diseases, untreated infections, and more, which could have been prevented if your dog was trained to be calm.

Puppy Obedience Training at Sandiego Goldendoodle

The effectiveness of Goldendoodle training depends on several factors including the proper training techniques. At Sandiego Goldendoodle, we offer several types of puppy obedience training for all types of breeds, and ensure that the training they get inside the “classroom” sticks as they grow into adult dogs.

Call us today or visit our website to learn more about our dog obedience training packages. We also sell American Cocker Spaniels that have been trained under our obedience and wellness program.