Goldendoodles have quickly become one of the most popular dog breeds in North America. The “designer” breed is a mix between two beloved breeds: Golden Retrievers and Poodles. While Goldendoodles are best known for their cuddly looks, they also make excellent family dogs because of their Goldendoodle traits. Goldendoodles have several wonderful qualities that make them an ideal pet for new and experienced dog owners.

Here’s our list of the best five Goldendoodle traits:

Top 5 Goldendoodle Traits


Golden Retrievers are intelligence, so it makes sense that Goldendoodles are incredibly smart too! Their smarts make them easy to train because they can easily pick up on commands. They are also extremely emotionally intelligent, which means that they can tell if you need cheering up.


Most dogs are affectionate, but Goldendoodles are affectionate on an entirely different level. Goldendoodles are eager to please, so expect them to be around you all the time. They’re always ready to be cuddled and they always want a few extra belly rubs.


Some dogs have too much energy that they end up destroying your furniture or chewing your favorite pair of shoes. Others have too little energy that they just lounge around all day. One of the best Goldendoodle traits is that they strike the perfect balance between playing and relaxing.

Goldendoodles are naturally athletic, so they will enjoy taking walks, playing outside, and going on hikes. Exercise is essential for all dog breeds, but Goldendoodles are also very calm so they won’t mind staying home with you all day.


Goldendoodles love meeting new people and animals. They’re naturally curious, which means they are comfortable in new places. However, some Goldendoodles can be aggressive around other dogs and humans if they weren’t socialized when they were little, so it’s a good idea to socialize them early in their life. Sandiego Goldendoodle has puppy socialization programs that will help them grow into happy, friendly dogs.

Because most Goldendoodles are naturally sociable, they don’t make the best watchdogs (some of them won’t even bark at the door), but they’re perfect if you enjoy taking your dog to public places like the park or to your friend’s house.


One of our favorite Goldendoodle traits is that they can easily adapt to new environments and situations. They are comfortable indoors and outdoors, in spacious homes and studio apartments, and won’t mind choosing between outdoor adventures and relaxing nights at home. Goldendoodles can easily adapt according to your lifestyle. The only thing important to them is that you bring them along!

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Goldendoodles are the ideal dogs for families with children, and for anyone who just loves dogs! They’re very easy to get along with, and can quickly feel like they’re part of the family.

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