Early Neurological Stimulation is a set of exercises developed by the US military for their dogs. It aims to strengthen the immune system, stress resistance and cardiovascular health of dogs.

How does it work?

In this program, a puppy who is as young as three days old undergoes a series of five exercises. These exercises continue daily for the next two weeks. These exercises are performed by experts in a very careful way because the puppies are still very young and sensitive to external shocks. The duration of each exercise is not more than five seconds. Let’s briefly look at those five exercises;

Calculated stimulation

The handler holds the puppy in one hand and gently rubs and tickles the puppy between the toes of the foot. It is done using a Q-tip. The puppy may or may not feel the tickle.

Head held high

The puppy is held in both the hands in such a way that the head and the tail are perfectly aligned in a straight line.

Head pointing downwards

It is exactly the opposite of the above. The head is pointed down towards the ground aligned straight with the tail.

Lying on the back

Holding the puppy in both hands, with the back resting on your palms and the belly towards the roof, the puppy is made to struggle a bit during sleep.

Thermal stimulation

Make the puppy lie on a cool and damp towel with its feet on the towel. The puppy will feel the coldness of the towel and do movements.

Advantages of this treatment

A dog exposed to the early neurological stimulation program will have many comparative advantages over those dogs which do have this treatment. These advantages can be summarized below;

  • Healthy heart
  • Robust heartbeat
  • Stress resistance
  • Protection from diseases
  • Healthy kidneys
  • Overall agility
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills


As the pups are very young and fragile, so care should be taken while doing these exercises on them, lest they get hurt. In this regard following guidelines must be followed;

  • Do not perform these exercises more than once in a day.
  • Do not perform these exercises for more than the recommended time each day.
  • If the puppy does not move or respond in any way do not force him to do so.
  • These exercises are not an alternative to the routine playful activities, exercises and learning experiences a puppy goes through. Do not deprive him of that and continue with his normal upbringing.

Early neurological Stimulation and Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles are highly intelligent and smart dogs. They make for great companions. They love to spend time with their owners and do their bidding. They are very easy to train and thus perfectly suited for early neurological stimulation program. Studies show that stimulated dogs perform very well when confronted with situations that require innovative thinking.

Early neurological stimulation will make your dog into a healthier and more active being. He will have better capabilities to fight with diseases and will be your loving and intelligent companion.