Are Goldendoodles easy to train? It is a life-changing event to adopt this designer breed, but many hesitate because it is a huge responsibility to teach a young dog. However, that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the joy a family dog could bring into your life.

To help you get ready to welcome a Goldendoodle, here are five tips that make training them accessible and enjoyable. Use this guide to understand why they need to be taught at a young age and what you can do to make them well behaved and happy.

Factors that affect training

As a mix between a Golden Retriever and Poodle, the Goldendoodle is generally friendly and sociable. However, some factors affect how you train your pup.

  • You need around six months to complete housetraining. The average length of training is six months, although most of them learn as early as four months.
  • Consistency is key. Dogs absorb lessons better if they are introduced to a routine. It could be tedious for you as the teacher, but it’s crucial in housetraining.
  • Their attention span falters. It is usual for dogs to run around and be inattentive, so an incentive is often necessary.

Are Goldendoodles easy to train?

In general, Goldendoodles are easy to train if you have the techniques and persistence. This intelligent hybrid is active and loves spending time with their human, making training pleasurable. Here are top tips when training your Goldendoodle.

Positive reinforcement

Anger and intimidation don’t have a place in puppy training. Ideally, your Goldendoodle benefits more from being treated with love and care, especially when teaching them lessons and tricks. Ensure that you are providing suitable rewards and reinforcement to encourage your pooch to learn.

A treat every time they show positive behavior goes a long way in training. You can also utilize the power of touch by giving them heartwarming cuddles and kisses. It will take time, but you’ll create a deeper bond with your pup.

Create a routine

Create a routine

Potty training is straightforward and formulaic. Whenever someone asks, ‘Are Goldendoodles easy to train?’ this part of the process is dreadful at worst. Yet, it is essential to teach them this task and help them master it.

The secret to successful potty training is developing a routine and sticking to it until your Goldendoodle learns the task. It would help if you took them to the same spot at the same time daily, ideally after feeding. You can use a specific word to signal potty time, and don’t forget to reward them for completing the task!

Refrain from training when hyper

A little exercise before training can keep your Goldendoodle’s energy in check. You can take them for a vigorous walk or a trip to the park and make it leisure. You want to build up your canine’s confidence in training but being overly energetic could set them up for frustration instead.

Your pup might learn tasks even with high energy, but their mind would be less engaged. Their energetic body would be more dominant and seek satisfaction rather than concentrating on the lesson at hand.

Train immediately

Professionals cannot stress enough how training should start immediately and at a young age. You don’t have to wait for your Goldendoodle pup to be accustomed to your home before teaching them different tasks. Introduce them to behavior rules and start with basic commands until they master them and move on to the more complex training.

Prepare your home

Training will go well if you are ready to welcome a new Goldendoodle to your home. Since they are curious and playful, they will likely spend a lot of time exploring every corner. Therefore, you need to make safety checks. You must remove hazardous objects such as sharp items and seal off your backyard so they can’t wander on their own.

Final thoughts

Are Goldendoodles easy to train? Yes, but you must exercise patience and passion when helping them learn new tasks. Adopting a Goldendoodle is a life-changing experience you won’t regret. Enjoy training your pup and create an unbreakable bond with them in the process to make their home life (and yours) the best.