Goldendoodles are mostly active, making them prone to accidents and emergencies. Veterinarians are not always with you all the time. Hence, preparing your dog’s first aid kit beforehand is crucial to prevent further damages.

First Aid Manual 

It is a pocket guide that details information on first aid procedures and pet emergency scenarios. You can either buy a ready-made first aid manual or print any pet guide like the e-book offered by AKC.

Vaccination and Medical Records

Copy of your dog’s medical and vaccination records must be included in your pet’s first aid kit for an appropriate medical assessment, when necessary.

Emergency Contact Information

You must include significant numbers of your veterinarian or local pet emergency partners in the first aid kit. Make sure it is available 24/7 for an immediate response.


Medication and Feeding Schedule

A written copy of your dog’s feeding schedule is necessary, especially when foster care is required. Ensure medication, if necessary, is in your dog’s kit.

Hydrogen Peroxide

A powerful antiseptic to be included in the kit to prevent further wound infection. You can also use it to induce vomiting when your dog consumes poison. However, do not administer without professional guidance.

Wound Spray or Antibiotic Ointment, and Ear and Eye Drops

A must-have emergency supply is a non-toxic wound spray or antibiotic ointment used to treat wounds, allergies, and rashes. Include ear and eye drops for additional pollutant remedies.

Bandages, Gauze, Cotton Balls, Adhesive Tape, and Scissors

These first aid supplies are essential for wound, scar, and injury dressing. Thus, ensure not to miss including these items on your list.


Syringes or droppers are among the most common supplies in a dog’s first aid kit, which are vital to giving oral medications to your dogs.


A tweezer is a vital tool to pluck out any splinters from your dog’s paw, other body parts, or remaining debris on any wounds.

Flashlight and Magnifying Glass

These items are crucial when tending to your dog’s needs during blackouts or low light conditions. So, make sure to include these supplies on your list.

Personalized Dog Accessories

First aid kits must include customized dog accessories such as leash, collars, towel, and blanket. Names and contact information are pivotal, especially during emergencies. Besides that, pack any soft muzzle, dog cones, wet wipes, collapsible feeding bowls, drinking water, and packed foods and treats with expiration dates.

Listed above are the supplies to include on the first aid kit list of your Goldendoodles. Do you need help with your Goldendoodle Care? If yes, try visiting Sandiego Goldendoodles for more information.