Goldendoodle is an adorable breed of dogs. They are smart, intelligent and very energetic. We will take a look at how best to train this breed for maximum benefits.

Goldendoodle is a hybrid breed. It is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. It is a very friendly and loving animal that is quite popular among dog lovers. It is highly trainable and is a quick learner. You will not have much difficulty teaching him as he wants to please his masters. Here, we will provide you with some guidelines on how to train your Goldendoodle. What are the dos’ and don’ts’ of it? So, let’s get into it.

Start early

As with all other breeds of dogs, start early with your training. Although Goldendoodles are very intelligent and can be tamed as an adult too still it is better that you start your training when your furry friend is a puppy.

Train with affection

We cannot emphasize this enough that you must train your dog with a lot of love and affection. Every time he listens to you, reward him. This will prompt him to obey you more and more. Stay away from harsh punishments and scolding. It will make your dog scared, anxious and frustrated. It can even make him aggressive.


This is another golden principle that you must follow. To get maximum results, you must train your dog regularly. And by regular we mean daily. It is equally important that you do not change the form of your training. Be consistent in your style of training so that the dog does not become confused or agitated.

Treats for your dog

We talked early about rewarding your dog for his good behavior. Now we will talk about what those rewards ought to be. Ideally, you should treat your dog with something he loves. This makes sense, doesn’t it? Goldendoodle is a food lover so feed him his favorite snack when he does what you want him to do. Other rewards could be a toy, a game, his favorite activity, a visit to the park, etc.

Duration of training

If you are training a puppy you should know that he will get bored quickly. Do not stretch his training for too long. Do it in intervals so that his interest remains intact. Same goes for the adult dogs, try not to overdo things with him too.

Toilet training

Toilet training is very crucial for every type of dog. Goldendoodle is no exception. Mark a spot in your home as a toilet for the dog. Whenever you see the dog is showing signs to defecate take him there and if he goes to the exact spot and does his thing, you praise him profusely. It will take time and you will have to be very vigilant and patient throughout this period.

Teach him basic commands

There are three basic commands that any dog should learn. “Sit”, “come” and “stay”. Start with these three, one at a time. If you can make him understand these three you will be in command of most of his behavior.


Goldendoodles are very sociable dogs. They love to meet and greet people. You should get them acquainted with people, other dogs and social situations from an early age. It will help them get around with people. Teach them how to behave with people and what not to do.

Bad behavior

Your dog will likely behave in an undesirable way no matter how good-mannered he is. It is only natural to err now and then. The key is to discourage such bad behavior and do not let them take the better of your dog. Whenever he indulges in bad habits distract him and teach him not to repeat this.

Training a dog can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. A good-mannered dog is a reflection of the hard work the owner has put in to train him. At times, it can get pretty frustrating, but you have to hang in there. However, adopting Goldendoodles puppies will make your training process a lot easier as they start learning from their childhood. Keep your eyes on the big picture and be consistent and patient. It will be worth it in the end.