Goldendoodles are one of the cutest dogs to have around. You will love to play with such a jovial pet. Some breeds of the dogs will stop growing before the other. Different dogs take different times to reach the maturity level. Now, if you have a Goldendoodle in your house, then you will be thinking when it will reach its maturity. In this article, let’s explain and clear your confusion.

When Goldendoodles will Reach Its Maturity

Just like every human being, the growth rate of the puppies also varies a lot. You will find that some puppies grow quickly while others take a longer time to grow and reach its full maturity. Also, Goldendoodles grow rapidly during the first 6 to 8 months. By the 12 to 14 months, the puppy will reach its full maturity in terms of height. However, they will grow for some more months as far as the weight is concerned.

How Much Goldendoodles Weigh?

The weight of Goldendoodles varies a lot. The weight of the Goldendoodles will depend on the type of Poodles that were used at the time of breeding. The standard Goldendoodles will be heavier than the mini ones. However, the size amount the Goldendoodles do vary a lot.

  • A typical Goldendoodle can weigh up to 75lbs. But, most Goldendoodles will stop growing after reaching 50lbs.
  • The standard Goldendoodles generally weight around 50lbs to 60lbs once they are fully matured.
  • The medium Goldendoodles will weigh around 40lbs to 50lbs after reaching the maturity level.
  • The mini puppies of Goldendoodles breed can weigh around 25lbs to 35lbs.


It is quite fair to say, you will find a Goldendoodle for you because of the varied size of the dog. Therefore, having a Goldendoodle as your companion can be a great choice.

It is quite fair to say that the height and the weight of the dog will also depend on the breeder. As Goldendoodles are a dog of the designer breed, it is very much difficult to predict the heigh or weight it will reach. Moreover, the time a Goldendoodle will take to reach its full maturity is also unpredictable. Also, after having the dog, you will have to take care of the dog properly to ensure that the dog grows at a good rate. How your Goldendoodle will look or how much it will weigh can be understood better after a year or so.