Are you thinking on the line of properly getting your Goldendoodle to breed? It is a complicated process that involves, patience and research from your side. Some dog lovers say that getting a dog to breed is an art as well as a science. When it comes to Goldendoodles the process is expensive, time-consuming, and demands devotion and commitment from you. There are several things to keep in mind. Read on to find out!

Goldendoodle: Cute buddies

Goldendoodles, a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle, are domesticated and used as search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, and therapy dogs. They had their origin in The United States. They have a typical life span of 10-15 years and do not shed much. Hence, are the best choice for dog enthusiasts who are prone to allergies. Often known for their lively disposition, they are strong and make for a great companion.

When is the right time to Breed your Goldendoodle?

The answer is you can breed your Goldendoodle every six to eight months once your female dog reaches two years.

Responsibilities of a Breeder

Now that you are aware of the breeding frequency of your female Goldendoodle, you must bear in mind certain responsibilities. Ensure you wait for at least one heat cycle after every litter. This is to ensure that you do not overbreed your Goldendoodle. No matter how much knowledge you possess about the process, keep the following in mind

·   The health of your female Goldendoodle

A healthy female Goldendoodle reaches its first heat cycle anytime between six and eighteen months of age. This is a sign that she can get pregnant. However, it is too soon, and you must wait for the second heat cycle, which will occur six months after the first heat cycle. It is best to get your Goldendoodle thoroughly checked by a vet before breeding her.

• The health of your female Goldendoodle

·    Educate yourself about the dog’s pregnancy cycle

The gestation period of a Goldendoodle is approximately 63 days. During this time, they go through many pregnancy related changes that occur in short spans. At about 3 weeks, your vet can carry an ultrasound on the female dog to ensure that she is pregnant. Plus, look out for signs when your dog is about to deliver. For example, their breasts become enlarged; and they start milking right before birth.

·   Frequency of breeding your Goldendoodle

In principle, your female buddy can deliver puppies every heat cycle. But this isn’t advised. Overbreeding isn’t the best for the dog’s health. Moreover, she won’t have successful pregnancies, and you will end up compromising the health of the puppies. There are differing views on this subject. It is best to consult a vet on this matter.

·   Miscellaneous responsibilities

Look for a suitable mate for your Goldendoodle and a comfortable place for her to deliver her puppies. Secondly, provide optimum health care and a nutritional diet before the puppies find their new home and families. These are pure breed puppies, therefore, make sure they find suitable homes.

·   The best age to mate a Goldendoodle

As mentioned before, when your female friend reaches two years of age, she is ready to breed. By this time, she is around two or three heat cycles. Additionally, the male Goldendoodle must be two years as well.

·   Why is age an important factor?

Two years is the ideal age because the dog is mature enough to handle a pregnancy and nurse her puppies. She is both physically and mentally mature to go through the process of pregnancy and delivery. She is at the correct height and size to avoid any pregnancy related complications. In fact, you can wait until she is three years. The age bracket of three to five years is considered ideal to deliver large puppies. The idea is to breed healthy litters. This depends a lot on the health of female and male Goldendoodles.

·    Perils of breeding too early

• Perils of breeding too early

It is true that female Goldendoodles can breed as early as six months. But this will seriously risk her health. Since she isn’t fully grown, both physically and mentally, she may require a C-section. This can affect her health in the long run as she may not be able to deliver again. Plus, at six months, a female Goldendoodle is a puppy herself and may not want to nurse her puppies. This means extra work for you. You are not sure of your dog’s health until they mature. Therefore, it is best to wait before they enter motherhood.

·   Complications of breeding too old

There are dangers on the other end of the spectrum as well. If your female companion hasn’t bred till six years of age, she can develop complications like miscarriage, c-section, stillborn puppies, and not going into labor at all. Optimistically, things can go well but there are chances of these several complications too. Therefore, it is best to breed at the correct age.

·   Prepare your Goldendoodle for breeding

There are several and long-term preparations involved in getting your female dog ready for mating. Following is the list-

  1. Socialize your female Goldendoodle with other dogs as often as you can so that they allow another dog to come near them to mate during heat cycles. At times it may take weeks, months, or years for a Goldendoodle to warm up to the idea of socializing.
  2. Keep a track of your female dog’s heat cycles. If she is regular, you won’t have trouble getting her to breed. This way you won’t end up wasting money on unsuccessful breeding.
  3. Find a healthy and experienced male Goldendoodle to mate with your female. If both are inexperienced then things may go downhill.


Breeding a Goldendoodle requires time and patience. Risks are involved if you mate your dog too early or too late in their life span. Work with your vet to ensure successful pregnancies of your Goldendoodle. Don’t lose heart if the first attempt is unsuccessful. There are more chances but always keep your female Goldendoodle’s health a priority.