A Goldendoodle can trace its ancestry to Golden Retriever and a Poodle. It has derived the best from both breeds. It is a cheerful, loving, and sweet-natured dog that loves to play around and have fun. You must keep your beloved pet engaged in playful activities to keep it happy, relaxed, and alert. It needs a healthy dose of mental and physical games for a fulfilling life. Here we present a list of both such fun activities to keep your Goldendoodle occupied and healthy.

Fetch Frisbee:

Admittedly you can play this game with both balls and Frisbee. But playing it with a Frisbee is safer and more satisfying for your furry friend. A Frisbee is more accessible to catch and fetch than a ball. You must take caution and use a Frisbee explicitly made for dogs. It is made with plastic that is not very hard or brittle; otherwise, it can break off your dog’s mouth and cause injuries. The game is straightforward and requires no elaborate preparation. It works on both mental and physical levels for the dog, which is why he loves it.

Hide and treat:

A slight variation of the good, old hide and seek, which by the way, is another excellent way to keep your Goldendoodle happy and engaged. In this game, you hide your dog’s favorite treat inside an object and then tell it to sniff it out from the house. There are specialized toys available in the market in which you can hide your dog’s special treat. When he eventually finds it, he can squeeze, chew, and bite that toy to reveal its content and then get its double dose of happiness.

Take him to a swimming pool:

Goldendoodles love water. It is in their genes as both the breed’s parents are also water-lovers. If you have a swimming pool in your home, that’s great; otherwise, take time out to visit one closer to your home that is also dog-friendly. You can play fetch ball with your Goldendoodle in the pool. Otherwise, taking a dip and a swim run are also fun activities. Taking your dog to a natural body of water is also a great idea. He will love the change of scenery but take care to avoid any ticks or mites attached to the dog.

Go shopping with your Goldendoodle:

Go shopping with your Goldendoodle

We mean buying stuff for your dog and not your shopping. The Goldendoodle will love the sound and smell of your pet store. It is made for them, and you will see how excited he gets when he is there. He can also see and choose from the toys section and socialize with other dog species. You will see how much he enjoys his visits and would appreciate that you are doing it for him.

Create an obstacle course for your dog:

Goldendoodles are brilliant animals and love to play mentally stimulating games. An obstacle race is both mentally and physically challenging for them. You can make it by using everyday objects like vases, pillows, books, lamps, etc. Just make sure that the stuff is not easily breakable; otherwise, you risk injuring your pal. You can easily buy equipment for the obstacle race from the local pet store and create it for some great fun.

Take him outdoors:

Going for a hiking or trekking trip? A camping expedition, a day-long beach picnic? Or anything of that sort? Don’t forget your loving friend and take him along. He will love you even more for that. He will get a welcome change from the usual monotony of life, but he would love to explore the outdoors on his own. It will keep his curiosity and excitement levels fired up, and he would enjoy every bit of it. You can play different outdoor games with him and enjoy each other’s company.

Throw a party for your dog:

A Goldendoodle is a highly social animal and would love to interact with other dogs of his own and others. It is not a bad idea to throw a dog party and invite other dogs from your neighborhood for some fun time. Indulge them in fun activities like a tug-war, hide-and-seek, etc. Your Goldendoodle will sense that this treat is in his honor and thoroughly enjoy it. Make your dog feel special and loved, and he will return the favor graciously.

Puzzle games are great for mental stimulation and relaxation:

Puzzle games are great for mental stimulation and relaxation

Goldendoodles love a mental challenge. It will keep their brains sharp and alert. Plus, you can play puzzle games indoors. There is no need to go out. During cold winter days or rains, indoor puzzle games are especially recommended. There are tons of them available at any toy store—food puzzles, dispensing toys that give away kibble when the dog has done it, etc. You can also make your versions of mental games, like teaching your dog new words or new variations of the old terms. It will be fun and keep you and your friend occupied for a while.


That sums up our topic of fun and festive activities for your Goldendoodle. We have included both indoor and outdoor activities. We hope you and your best friend will enjoy their time partaking in such activities. They are meant to keep him happily engaged, so have fun exploring them.