When it comes to caring for your Goldendoodle, brushing his coat can be a bit of a challenge. Getting the perfect Goldendoodle coat takes more than just grooming; it takes the right brush. With the proper brush, you can remove tangles, excess hair, and dirt from your dog’s coat and make sure he looks his best at all times. This comprehensive guide will give you information on each type of Goldendoodle brush out there and also a list of the best brushes for goldendoodles, so you can find the one that’s perfect for you and your furry friend.

Type of brushes for goldendoodles

Various dog breeds need multiple kinds of brushes. For instance, it does not make logical sense to use the same doodle brush and a husky. The fur type on each dog is merely dissimilar.

Whenever the proper type of brush is used, your pet will likely appreciate being brushed. If the pet exhibits signs of severe distress while you are grooming it, you might use the incorrect type of brush. Conversely, if he is content to stay still and get brushed, then you are likely using the right equipment.

There are four major categories of brushes used on dogs: rakes, slicker brushes, bristle brushes, and pin brushes. The other types included below are just slight variations on these four types or are made for different special purposes.

Slicker Brushes for doodles

Thin, short wires are arranged closely on a smooth surface and form slicker bristles. They are often used to eliminate matting from moderate or frizzy-coated dogs and are often regarded as the perfect brush for a goldendoodle puppy. These are often the best brush for goldendoodles as they clean their fur without much struggle. There are numerous types of slicker brushes on sale, but choose something with a supple grip and the proper dimensions to make brushing your dog simpler.

Slicker Brushes for doodles


Most dog breeds, such as the Golden Retrievers, Huddersfield Terriers, Hamburg Terriers, and St. Bernards, are groomed with these slicker brushes. Dogs with longer hair are more prone to developing mats which must be lifted. It is imperative to remember to use a slicker brush with care at all times especially while using it as a brush for mini goldendoodle puppy. If too much force is used to brush the dog, the close-together wires could hurt the dog’s skin.


When it comes to grooming dogs, rakes are ideal for getting under the thick coat of a dog and getting rid of tangles and dead skin. They typically resemble a razor and have either one or two lines of tightly packed pins. They are meant to be utilized with gentle contact, similar to a blade. Use rakes on dogs with thick coats, such as Malamutes, Chow Chows, and German Shepherds. These types have a tendency to form dead undercoats, particularly during the blowing period, and their dense bodies collect detritus. Be sure to choose a rake having pins whose height generally corresponds to the length of the dog’s hair while shopping. The top lining of the coat will be missed by rakes that are too small, while rakes that are too lengthy may cause skin irritation.

Bristle Combs

The use of spike brushes is common when grooming dogs with short hair, smooth coats, and high shedding rates. Their tightly packed clusters of organic bristles sweep away stray hairs and revitalize the skin at the same time.

Comb Brushes

These brushes have a similar appearance to brushes widely used among humans. They are typically elliptic, with just a freely strung array of elastic strands topped with points. Pin combs or brushes are the most popular sort of brush, yet they are frequently the least effective. They will pick up stray hairs before they land on the furnishings, and they will complete and puff a well-combed coat, but they offer minimal value to the pet. They should be utilized to complete the grooming procedure.

Canine flea comb

Canine flea comb


The removal of insects, flea filth, and flea nestings from the fur of a dog can be accomplished using an all-natural method called a flea brush. In order to eliminate fleas and filth from the coat, the tips are pushed extremely closely against one another. Due to the fact that it has such fine blades, it works best on fur that is smooth, silky, or frizzy.

Rubber brushes

A silicone brush (also known as rubber brushes) is an excellent multipurpose tool for all types of coatings. They are extremely helpful if you have a short-coated dog who sheds excessively owing to the silicone bumps present on the brush. The plastic acts as an attraction to extract stray hairs, while the gentle pins knead the body, improving circulation activity and promoting the distribution of natural fats.

Double-sided brushes

Brushes with two sides are a handy tool for brushing all kinds of dog fur. The side with the pin comb eliminates knots and matting from the coat. The opposite side of the comb is a wire brush that is ideal for touch-ups because it straightens and polishes the fur.

Pin bristles are ineffective on short-haired dogs; however, a two-sided dog brush is far more effective on medium- to long-haired dogs.

Mat breakers

Mat splitters for dogs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but the most of them are designed to accomplish the same goal: untangling matted dog hair. These brushing instruments include fine bristles that are designed to cut through matted fur in order to remove it.

This technique is preferable than shaving since it allows the natural development of the animal’s fur to continue. Because the blades are so thin, you need to be extremely careful to prevent slicing through the flesh of your pet. It is recommended that owners of dogs with fine coats minimize the amount of de-matting they undertake.

The 12 best brushes for golden doodles

The 12 best brushes for golden doodles


Goldendoodles’ fur coats vary based on the type of fur the canines inherited; therefore, various types of combs and brushes are necessary for grooming each dog. Because of this, we have compiled a selection of the top combs and brushes for the various Goldendoodle coatings.

1.  Frisco Pin Bristle Dog Brush

For most Goldendoodles, using a double-sided pin and soft brush is highly recommended. This brush is a multifunctional brush which fulfills the fundamental brushing requirements of this expensive dog variety making them the most ideal grooming brush for goldendoodles.

The bristles of these brushes are sufficiently long to comb through such dense hair and keep matts from forming closer towards the body. Also, they are far enough apart that you can untangle hair and pull out debris and loose hair without much trouble.

The brushes perform exceptionally well on medium-length hair, dispersing moisture efficiently to smooth your Goldendoodle’s fur. The teeth on the brush tend to be on the tender side, so they are less effective at combing curlier, denser fur, including the coat of the standard Poodle. If a Goldendoodle possesses curly hair, though, the bristles are effective.

In addition to delivering a pleasant brushing treatment for the puppy, these brushes are also very simple for humans to use. The handle makes it easy to keep a firm hold on the comb without having to squeeze it hard.


  • With the double
  • It detangles hair easily.
  • Disburses natural oils.
  • comfortable handle


  • Not for thick, frizzy fur

2.  Chris Christensen’s Slicker Brush

The slick brushes made by Chris Christensen are widely considered to be among the best matting long pin slick cleaners for Goldendoodles. The Goldendoodle’s undercoat may be reached with this slick brush because to the bristles’ moderate length and lengthiness. The brush is extremely lightweight and compact, while also being supple and without any rough edges. Because of the way the handle is shaped, using it is not only very comfortable but also helps prevent hand fatigue. Goldendoodles are the perfect candidate for this bristle brush.

2. Chris Christensen's Slicker Brush


  • comfortable handle
  • Effectively brushes fluffy, curly Doodle coats
  • Long, curved bristles;


  • Only available in one color

3.  Hartz Groomer’s Double-sided Dog Brush

This is another multipurpose double sided brush, which has pins solely on a single side and barbs on the underside. The bristles are good in extracting debris from the dogs’ coat’s top, while the pegs can detangle and catch strands of hair.

The grip of that kind of brush is comfortable and soft, making the use of it pleasant. The pinned brush contains holes that allow cleaning the dog easier and less uncomfortable.

Because it has such a wide range of applications, this option is the brush that will save you the most money for your goldendoodle puppy. The only drawback to this brush is that it does not have a lifespan that is comparable to that of its contemporaries. Within the next year, there is a significant possibility that it will be devoid of all of its pins.

Consequently, the brush is ideal for new Goldendoodle caregivers who are still learning how to brush their dog. Once they have established a consistent routine, they can, if necessary, invest in more grooming products.


  • It is effective in removing loose hair
  • It is relatively cheap


  • The brush is of poor quality

4.   GoPets Professional goldendoodle slicker brush

This is a a self-cleaning brush that eliminates stray fur, eliminates tangles and knots, and rubs your Goldendoodle whilst grooming him. The fine bent metal tips allow the brushes to permeate the coats and fur without hurting the flesh or causing stress to your pet. This tool is ideal for counter-shedding and capturing Goldendoodle hairs during grooming. This slick comb does not have as much publicity as some others, but its performance and reliability are comparable.


  • It has non-slip silicone gel handles
  • retractable bristles for simple cleaning.
  • Ibent wire bristles.

5.  Furminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

5. Furminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool


The ingenious construction of the Furminator Dog Deshedding Tool allows users to sweep across a pet’s thick fur.

Even though this tool tends to be generally more costly than other deshedding devices, it is highly successful at keeping a dog’s fur lose in check. Due to its rounded structure, the steel blade conforms well on a dog’s body, thereby reducing the chance of clawing or injuring the pet while grooming. It also provides comfortable grip so that ensures you would enjoy the same level of comfort as your dog.

You might not have to cope with a restless or hyperactive Goldendoodle since you’re combing the both coats simultaneously. Consider that this tool does not typically function well enough with Poodle hair. It is especially effective on thicker coats.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Curved shape to prevent injuries


  • Does not work well for curly furs
  • costly

6.  Peanuts Hand Gloves

Grooming gloves are an excellent technique to acclimate puppies to combing in a manner that is more pleasant for them. The elastic tips on the mittens perform an excellent job of collecting stray hairs plus untangling little portions of a coat that are snarled. Unfortunately, if a significant portion of a pet’s fur is entangled, these mitts are just too gentle to pull through and undo the tangle With any of these mitts, you may do a great deal of de-shedding for the puppy, whereas it merely feels like it’s receiving extra pets plus lots of attention.

The gloves are universally sized, however those with tiny hands may find them difficult to wear due to their tendency to slip. The slack fit makes it very difficult to manage about your dog when brushing.


  • Gentle on puppies
  • Effective for deshedding


  • Difficult to use with smaller hands

7.  Bissell Furget It All-In-One Brush

This brush is effective on any and all dog fur types. Thus, if you already have numerous pets, it is an excellent grooming equipment to have as it can handle flat fur as well as frizzy fur.

7. Bissell Furget It All-In-One Brush


The brushes have two different surfaces. You only use the top side of the brush to assist counter-shed the topcoat, and then the other side to eliminate matting and knots that are more tenacious. The brush’s tip gets rounded. This structure ensures that the pet will not be pricked by the comb or experience irritation when this brush comes into contact with its skin.

If a Goldendoodle does have a particularly dense fur, eliminating mats can be somewhat more difficult. When attempting to detangle the dog’s fur, the comb starts to yank on its skin. This could be highly uncomfortable for pets; therefore you may need to use a different brush to remove the fur preparatory using this one.


  • Dual-function brush
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Comfortable rounded edges


  • Potentially uncomfortable for dogs with a dense fur

8.  Safari Single Row Undercoat Rake Dog Grooming Tool

This comb is an excellent choice for dogs that have curly or frizzy hair as well as canines with a moderate overcoat. The brush’s ergonomically designed handle makes brushing into your dog’s fur effortless. Repeated use of this brush efficiently prevents the development of matting and knots inside the coat.

Additionally, the brushes pins are angled to penetrate the base fur. It thoroughly brushes your Goldendoodle’s complete fur, making the fur feel nice and supple.

Please note that maybe if a Goldendoodle possesses exceptionally fine hair, then this type of brush may not be the appropriate choice, as the teeth are set more apart than with standard combs. These gaps may not capture all of the knots on a Goldendoodle’s fur, and you may end up with matting if you don’t actively check for knots.


  • Ergonomic design of the handle and bristles
  • Aids in preventing substantial knots and matting


  • Pins may have been too far apart to be totally effective.

9.  Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for doodles

9. Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for doodles


A slick comb seems to be an efficient tool for brushing Poodles. If you Goldendoodle has fur that strongly matches a Poodle’s wavy fur, you will need a slick comb. The tiny pegs assist in combing over natural curls and picking up stray hair or dirt. In addition, it may unravel small knots and keep these from developing into major matting.

This brushes features an automatic cleansing mechanism. After a significant amount of hair becomes entangled between the pegs, users may simply press a button to withdraw every strand of hair from the brush. The pegs gradually disappear, leaving behind a ball of hair which could be readily discarded.


  • Excellent for extremely curly hair
  • Self-cleaning
  • Prevents severe buildup


  • Not suitable for dogs with delicate skin

10.  Resco Pro-Series Rotating Dog & Cat Pin Comb

This comb makes detangling the Goldendoodle’s fur practically painless. It contains a set of pegs which rotate and roll with the comb to make de-matting less uncomfortable.

This brush is not only beneficial for pets, as its design is also beneficial for humans. The comfortable grip makes combing effortless and reduces the amount of work required to remove knots and matting.


  • Revolving pins
  • Comfortable design
  • Untangles matting and knots relatively easier


  • Pins are too far apart.

11.  Paws & Pals Best In Show Dog & Cat Deshedding Tool

The stainless-steel tips on this brush effectively reaches the fur of a Goldendoodle without irritating its skin. It uniformly distributes recurring oils to diminish pet scent by combing it equally over a dog’s fur making it perfect fo a flat coat goldendoodle. These brushes help remove stray fur, dirt, and flaking from your pet’s coat, leaving it fresh yet silky.

This comb makes combing a breeze due to its ergonomic grip as well as the elevation at which the tip hangs.

11. Paws & Pals Best In Show Dog & Cat Deshedding Tool


This brush is best useful on coatings with low density. Some fur is excessively thick, causing the comb to constantly become entangled in the hair.


  • Pleasant on body
  • Aids in oil distribution
  • Sturdy design


  •  Not for puppies with extremely thick coats

12.  Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Goldendoodles

This classic slicker brush is available in 2 sizes and 2 colors. Since it is self-cleaning, it should save you a great deal of time and so you never have to use a hair-filled brush to brush your pets’ fur. It works to remove matts and knots from your dogs’ undercoat without causing too much irritation to the dog.


  • It is available in different sizes
  • Has a self cleaning function


  • The cleaning button stops working after a while


In conclusion, the best brushes for Goldendoodles are the ones that work best for your individual dog. When it comes to taking care of your Goldendoodle’s coat, the right brush can make all the difference. With so many different types of brushes on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for your dog. But by following this guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect brush for your furry friend in no time. If you have any questions or concerns about how to brush your dog’s coat, you should talk to your vet.


1.  What Type of Brush is Best for a Goldendoodle?

For most types of goldendoodles the best brush to use on their fur is a slicker brush.

2.  How Often Should Goldendoodles Be Brushed?

To keep their coats healthy and dirt free, aim to brush your golden doodle at least twice a week.

3.  Are Slicker Brushes Good for Doodles?

Depending on how thick your dogs’ coat is, slicker brushes might be good or they just might make your pet extremely uncomfortable while grooming.

4.  When Should You Give a Goldendoodle Their First Haircut?

You should take your goldendoodle to get a haircut after its adult coat starts showing. This is typically around six months of age.

5.  How Do You Detangle Goldendoodle Hair?

You detangle goldendoodles hair by brushing it using a special brush made for detangling dog hair.