Make your home a safe place for your puppies. Puppy-proofing is essential before bringing your fur babies to your home. Assure your Goldendoodle puppies’ safety whenever they wander to play and have fun inside your premises.
Like the old proverb says, prevention is better than cure. Puppies are always curious and moving all over the place. They are natural explorers. Some of you may not be able to watch over them all day. That is why it is essential to puppy-proof your home to avoid possible dangers and risky situations while your puppies are having fun.
Puppy-proofing is keeping everything harmful that your puppy might chew and ingest. Here is a checklist of what to consider when puppy-proofing inside your household:

  • Check the loose electric wires—especially those that are on the floor and near the furniture. Live electric wires could be fatal when puppies play with them.

  • Install child-proof cabinets. These cabinets are not reachable for children and so are for puppies—store medicines and other essentials that contain harmful chemicals for dogs on these shelves.

  • Keep away chemicals such as soaps, cleansers, cleaners, ammonia, and the like.

  • Keep away little stuff such as can lids, coins, screws, and the like that might choke your puppies.

  • Puppies are most likely to bite everything because they can’t hold things. It will be beneficial to you if you will keep your shoes and slippers to closed cabinets.

  • Do not put your cosmetics and accessories on tables and containers that your puppies could latch.

  • Do not put your cosmetics and accessories on tables and containers that your puppies could latch. Aside from the fact that their sharp little teeth can break plastic containers, the jewelry pieces can choke them, and cosmetics can cause harm to their health when they smell or, worst, eat it.
  • Some of you are into recreational activities such as planting. Make sure to keep your plants on high plant decks or hang them instead. Your puppies should not eat plants.

  • Another activity that a lot of people enjoy is sewing and crocheting. Keep your yarns and needles in vials or high places inside your home.

  • We can find sprays and other chemicals in backyards and garages. Keep the insecticides, fertilizers, and other air sprays in closed cabinets. Do not use them when your puppies are around.

  • Plants are also most likely to be found in backyards. Keep plants unreachable to your puppies.

  • Keep tools with sharp edges in highly secured boxes. Also, place them in places where they will not fall towards your puppies when they bump wherever you stored them. These tools include axes, knives, rakes, and the like.

Taking care of puppies is such a challenging responsibility. They are like children who are most likely to play with everything they see around them. Though there are steps to effective puppy-proofing, it is vital to keep your eyes on them until they can survive the manner of chewing everything in their sight. As puppies make your lives full of fun, let’s create a clean and safe space for them.