Goldendoodles are highly energetic, friendly and intelligent that makes them an adorable companion. The key to ensuring they are at their best is to socialize them with other dogs and people. Below are a few tips for socializing your Goldendoodle puppy.

1. Everyday walks are the best

Taking baby steps is the most important part of teaching your puppy how to socialize. The best way to start is by taking him on a daily walk. This will help your puppy gets accustomed to the environment and the people around him. You can take different routes to allow your puppy to meet new dogs and people. This will also help him to be less scared when exposed to unfamiliar people or environments.

Your puppy can get tired easily, so planning your everyday route for a walk will be very critical.

2. Take him to puppy classes

Goldendoodles are highly trainable, so consider taking your puppy to training classes. This can help them understand the basic commands; learn new tricks and most importantly, a great place to meet other dogs and people.

You can ask your vet about dog training facilities near your home and which of them will be a good fit for you and your puppy. Even if you already have an idea of how to train your puppy, it is best to seek help from a skilled trainer to kick-start your puppy’s learning process.

3. Hit the park with your puppy

Playtime with your buddy should not be limited to your home premises. Parks are the best place for your puppy to meet new friends. Once your puppy receives his vaccinations, you can start moving him outside of his comfort zone. You can also set up playdates for him with other dogs in your neighborhood.

4. Introduce the puppy to new things

For a little Goldendoodle, the world is strange and new. Expose him to different people, things, and places so he could grow unafraid of anyone and anything that may come his way. Over the process of teaching him how to socialize, introduce him to as many things as possible.

Try exposing him to different people, from men and women to children; or a wide variety of things, from carpets inside your home to the grass in the nearby park and many different weird things.

5. Stock up on treats

Stocking up on dog treats will come very handy when training your puppy how to socialize. Stash a handful of treats that you can give them whenever they show positive behavior. From following basic commands, showing new tricks or successfully interacting with other dogs, praising and giving them rewards will encourage good behavior.

Training your puppy usually starts with the basics like sit, down, roll, etc. But the most important and should be your focus is to teach them how to socialize with different dogs and people because a well-socialized puppy is often happy, energized and possesses positive behavior. You can take the few tips above to start training your puppy how to socialize.