If you plan on breeding your Goldendoodle or are just plain curious about their gestation period, this article is meant for you. Read on!!

Goldendoodles: cute fur buddies

Goldendoodles, also called Groodle, is a cross between a golden retriever and poodles. They are active and lively dogs that are considered best as therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs. Additionally, they are great around children. They are good mothers and take care of their pups. In this write-up, we will answer all your queries regarding the pregnancy of a Goldendoodle.

Gestation Period

On average, a Goldendoodle is pregnant for about 61 to 64 days. How is this period calculated? It is calculated from the day they ovulate. The pregnancy gets confirmed 21 days after they ovulate. There are some signs you can look for around this time. Their body temperature may drop, gums look paler, and sometimes clear mucous discharges from the vulva. To confirm the pregnancy, take your Goldendoodle to a vet to check her hormones. On day 28 the vet will carry out an ultrasound to officially confirm the pregnancy. At this point, you can start with your preps. Arrange for a place for the dog to nest and ween in. Also, get a whelping box.

Signs of Pregnancy

Although, the pregnancy starts when the egg fertilizes and implants in the uterus, there are signs and symptoms in your female Goldendoodle that point towards pregnancy. Some of these are-

  • Weight gain
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased tiredness
  • Thirsty
  • Enlarged mammary glands
  • Withdrawn

Be prepared now. Your Goldendoodle is ready to produce a litter in about a month. Like any other pregnancy, a Goldendoodle may deliver a week or two earlier or later than the due date. The symptoms listed above are more or less similar to other breeds of dogs.

Mandatory Prenatal Checkups

Mandatory Prenatal Checkups

Like humans, Goldendoodle also requires visits to a doctor before they become pregnant. Before mating, your bitch should have had all the required vaccinations. Thorough check-ups are needed to carry out certain tests. These tests confirm their health, diet, and perfect functioning of the reproductive system. Some of these tests include a blood test to rule out any reproductive diseases. A urine test helps detect any infections or crystals. A fecal test helps identify any intestinal parasites or any other problem that may hinder pregnancy. At times, a thyroid test is conducted to ensure that the Goldendoodle is healthy enough to breed.

Prenatal visits stop once the dog mates. However, do remember to take your dog to a vet if she appears ill to you.

Caring for the Goldendoodle during her Pregnancy

A healthy diet supplemented with vitamins, balanced exercise, and plenty of water will keep your bitch happy during the gestation period. Let’s discuss more on this topic-

Healthy food

Your Goldendoodle is eating for herself and the puppies, so she needs plenty of nutritious food. Her diet should include food items that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It is especially important to include calcium and phosphorous in her diet as this will make her teeth and bones strong. At this point, it is wise to switch to a diet meant for pregnant dogs. Since her appetite has increased do not overfeed her. Keep a track of her food intake so that she doesn’t become obese and affect her and her puppies’ health. Either increase the portions in her diet or give her regular smaller meals.

Staying active

A Goldendoodle is naturally tired during pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean you do not make her exercise a bit. A sedentary lifestyle during the gestation period will lead to obesity-related issues like diabetes and heart diseases. Also, do not over-exercise her. Carry out a regular exercise routine like going for walks or playing in an open area. More exercise means she needs more water as well. Keep her hydrated. Protect her joints by adding supplements like omega-3 fatty acids and glucosamine to her diet. These will protect her against hip dysplasia, arthritis and keep her joints healthy.

Signs of Labor

Signs of Labor

There are some definite signs of your female Goldendoodle going into labor. Be on the lookout for these-

  1. Restlessness
  2. Panting
  3. Contractions
  4. Discharge of clear fluid
  5. Nesting behavior of the dog

Generally, a female Goldendoodle delivers within 24 hours of showing labor signs. However, the actual birthing process will take some more time to start. The whelping time depends on the size of the litter. However, it varies with each dog.

Litter Size of a Goldendoodle

The average litter size of a healthy and mature Goldendoodle is about 6-8 puppies. It is also advised to pre-decide your plans regarding the puppies. That’s to say whether you want to keep all the pups, none or some.

Outside Influences on the Gestation Period

Overfeeding and underfeeding are to be completely avoided. Overfeeding will lead to obesity and underfeeding will result in anemia and poor health for the Goldendoodle. Ensure she doesn’t contract any infection during the gestation period. Keep her in a clean environment and do not administer any unnecessary meds. Trauma can cause early onset of labor, so keep your female friend happy.


Goldendoodles are affectionate dogs. They are amazing additions to anyone’s family. They need a lot of care during the gestation period. Depending on her health and that of the father, a Goldendoodle will have a large or small litter. Also, give a gap of at least a year before you mate her again. She needs to regain her health.